The trekking and Tourism business in Nepal was introduce after successful summit of Everest on 29 May 1953. At a first time, the 6 trekkers from Britain visited Nepal in 1966. It is assumed as a first trekking group in Nepal and believed to be a first commercial trekking trip. Since the last 20 years, Nepal is quite popular for world’s best class trekking destination. Lonely Planet ranked Everest Region 6th best trekking destination. Also, the Annapurna Circuit Trail is listed as a world’s top 10 trekking trail. This is how a small Himalayan country Nepal is introducing it to the world by best travel destination. 


Trekking in Nepal means the trek up to high Himalaya, closer life to mountain, explore flora and fauna. The green forest offers inner healing and divine experiences. The breathtaking river and waterfalls are incredible. Out of ten highest mountains, eight are situated in Nepal. And the fact is, you can see all high mountains or at least 3/4 peak from every trekking route of Nepal. This is what makes the trekking in Nepal refers to the trekking in to high Himalayan passes, valley, and hills. Also the people’s culture, traditional lifestyle and typical foods are remarkable. Nepalese people are strong devotee of spiritual values. The centuries long monasteries, Buddha Gompa and Stupas welcome you on the way of trek. 


Trekking in Nepal can organize by different ways.  The type of type of trip package depends on traveler’s interest. Most of the trekking trail of Nepal is well managed. Some of the trekking trail are well developed and are available all necessaries services like electricity and Internet. However, some of the trekking trail of Nepal, especially the Kancehenjunga region and western region are still report. Such trekking trail may not able to provide all facilities. So, the small Himalayan country Nepal offers different type of trekking opportunities. Some trekkers love to trek in remote area but some trekkers love to trek in well-developed region. There are three types of trekking types in Nepal. 


The trekking packages that offers to stay in Tae house and local lodge, basically called teahouse trekking in Nepal. The teahouse trekking is quite popular. It is economically cheap and easy to organize. The local people can directly benefit by teahouse trekking. It looks like home stay trekking but has some different features. The trekkers who love to have well facility and services mostly choose teahouse trekking. The dinning, kitchen and other necessaries services can easily accessible in this type of trekking. Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Everest Base Camp Trek and Langtang Trek are some of the example of teahouse trekking. Also, 


The camping trekking is also known as “ Tent to Tent” trekking. This type of trekking packages offers to stay in tent. The crew team of field staff and necessary logistic supplies including tent to toilet have to arrange in each camp. Trekking field staff including kitchen boy, main cook, cook helper, logistic manager, assistant guide have to manage and settle camp every day. This is what makes the camping style trekking package is slightly expensive. Some time it may really bad if the weather is not good. However the camping trekking offers some really unique experiences that can’t imagine in teahouse trekking. The fresh foods, with lively cooked meal at such a high altitude of mountain are beyond of travel experiences. The high passes trekking and great Himalayan trekking most needs camping style trekking. However, the camping trekking can organize in other teahouses trekking route (Annapurna, Everest, Langtang) as well. The western region of Nepal is still remote and unexplored. So, trekking to western part would be best for camping style package. 


Sirubari Homestay introduces home stay business in Nepal’s tourism at a first time. The concept was created to promote sustainable life hood of the people and to preserve the local cultures. The tourist can enjoy at local houses. They can feels like their own home. In our Nepalese society, the guests are good. So, the villagers pay their high values to welcome and respect like good. The same kind of meal to visitors, what the villagers used to have is exactly meaning of home stay trekking. In Nepal, there are more then 20 more home stay popular. Most of them are government affiliated and resisted as a commercial homestay zone. Ghalegaun, Sirubari, Bhujung are best Home stay of Nepal. 


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