Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines Namaste Sagarmatha practices and procedures with respect to collection, storage and use of cookies; collection, storage and use of personally identified information (III) and aims at informing users on how we manage the information we collect and receive.

Definitions (Introduction)

1.     Affiliates: – An “affiliate” is any company that is controlled by or under common control with Namaste Sagarmatha.

2.     Cookie: – A “cookie” is a small piece of information that we use to assign each visitor’s computer a unique, random numerical identification code that resides in a designated file on his or her computer.

3.     Device Identifiers: – Device identifiers are strings of letters and numbers that can be used to distinguish one device from other devices.

4.     IP Address (Internet Protocol): – An IP Address is a number that is automatically assigned to user’s computer whenever they access that internet, which web servers use to identify where to send the information user’s computer requests.

We the Namaste Sagarmatha is an online news platform solely owned, maintained and operated ouerself. Namaste Sagarmatha has received all the necessary permissions and registration at relevant government agencies of Nepal.  This Privacy Policy applies to the and the services that links to or refer to the news/blog site. This policy also applies to any other affiliate websites, mobile devices, digital services or other online services and anything else that links to or refers to this policy. This Privacy Policy basically limited to what information we might collect about user, how we might use that information, when we might use your details to contact you, what information of yours we might share with others, your choices about the personal information you give us.

This policy does not apply to any other third party sites. You are personally responsible for the use of such services or links. By accessing the website, it is deemed that you have agreed to all the provisions of this privacy policy. Your consent is given freely with the intention of creating legal effect and not as a default act.

This privacy policy may be modified at any time and from time to time. We request you to read this privacy policy carefully and review our terms of service that governs your use of the services.