In general the Sanskrit word ‘Yoga’ means to add or to attach. But in the broad concept yoga is united form of physical, mental and spiritual practices, where the discipline is prioritized. According to Panini (Sanskrit Grammarian) and Vyasa who wrote the Yoga Sutra (Yoga Principle) Yoga means Samadhi (the ultimate goal of life). 

Initially the word yoga was described in Rigved, one of the holiest scripture in Hindu philosophy. Also the book Rigved is a main source of science, music, art and medicine in chant or slowk forms. 

At the beginning of civilization only the Hindu deities were the first yogic in the word. Lord Shiva is believed to be the initiator yoga and meditation. It is the reason why Hindu religious books have written about yoga and meditation. 

There are different types of Yoga. Among them the most known yoga are Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga. These days both type of yoga are popular throughout the world. 

Hath yoga literally means force which allows to a system of physical technique and practices. The founder of Hath yoga is Matsyendranath (Hindu deities popular in Buddhism as well) and it is mostly associated with Nath Sampradaya, followers of Gorakhnath. In the present time Hath yoga has popular and it has become a part of life to millions of people in todays’ world.  

Pranayam is one of the core parts of Hath Yoga. The word Pranayama means inner conscious awareness of breath. It is a way to energizes and relaxes the body and mind with controlling breath. It is derived from a Sanskrit word prana, means life force and ayama, means extension. 

Along with different postures of body with physical exercise are main subject, which brings a person into inner healing. There is no other way to manage our body through inner engineering without practicing Hath yoga. When a person mentally and physically fit, everything could achieve easily. And everything could possible with practicing Yoga and mediation. 

Raja yoga also known as Samadhi (ultimate goal of life). 

The word ‘Raja’ means King, who acts with independence, self-confidence and assurance. Practicing Raja yoga brings us to the path of self-discipline, independent and fearless. Also it helps to separate from outer physical attachment. The desire of physical happiness will fall down. There are eight main steps of Raya yoga; this is why Raja yoga also called known as Ashtanga Yoga (Ashtanga means eight). These eight steps or part of Raja yoga is described as follows:

1. Yama – Self-control

There are five main self-controlling rules like non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, pure way of life and non-accumulation of possessions. In summary this is a way of living with peaceful life without any kind of aggressive, greedy and negative feelings.  

2. Niyama- Discipline

In this way the Raj yoga described five step of discipline like purity, contentment, self-control, study of holy books and devotion to deities. This all-together form is a way of happy life without any kind of outer and inner pain into human life. 

3. Asana – Physical exercises

It requires some physical exercise, which is ultimate way of healthy life. It opens the door of spiritual path and helps to create inner power to individual. 

4. Pranayama – Breath exercises

Pranayama is a way to connect our body to mind, which is ultimate journey of spiritual feelings.

5. Pratyahara – Withdrawal of the senses from external objects

The closed eye, motionless body and quiet mind are some techniques of this step that can individuals get into the way from any kind of attraction of external objects.

6. Dharana – Concentration

Concentration means to focus a single object. Everyone can practice this step in short time of practicing yoga. It is a main get way of yogic life. 

7. Dhyana – Meditation

All these above mention step of yoga are the way of mediation. It is in supper step of concentration and other exercise. 

8. Samadhi – Complete Realization

Sanskrit word Samadhi is a final goal of life to every individual. It is ultimate state of super knowledge unite. The person can directly get in touch with unknown form of god. At this stage every individuals can realize the presence of real god who is creator, protector and destroyer. Self-Realization is a main purpose of human beings.

These all step of yoga system provide systematic engineering of human life, which is essential for everyone to feel own position. Yoga and meditation is all about human machine with feeling inner peace, clarity and self-control.

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