Lord Krishna Quotes; The glory of Bhagvad Gita


Lord Krishna Quotes

The Bhagwat Gita also spell Bhagavad Gita contains divine words emanating from the god himself. Its glory is infinite, unlimited, spiritual and full of meaningful. None can really describe it properly. Only the enlighten sage and sadhus can describe the meaning of Bhagwat Gita.   The fact is that a full description of the glory of the Gita is never possible. For how can things, which can be fully described, remain unlimited? It at once becomes finite and limited. 

As a scripture, the Gita embodies the supreme spiritual mystery and secret. It contains the essence of all the four Vedas. Its style is so simple and elegant that after a little study a man can easily follow the structure of its words; but the thought behind those words, is so deep and abstruse that even a lifelong constant study does not show one the end of it. The virtues, glory, essential character, truth, mystery and worship of god as well as the topics of actin and knowledge have been discussed in the Gita in such a way that its parallel can hardly be found in any other book. 

As a scripture, the Bhagvadgita is so incomparable that there is no word in it, which is free from some instructive thought. There is not a single word in the Gita, which may be described as flattering. 

The Lord Krishna Quotes tell us about peace, love and karma. The Gita is an epitome of all the scriptures. The essence of all be scriptures, is to be found in it. 

Here are some special and meaningful quotes of Bhagvadgita. Here are some scripts that expose the lord Krishna as a supreme god and ultimate purpose of his manifestation in Human life.

Krishna Says in 9th chapter: –

For, I am the enjoyer and also the lord of all sacrifices; but they who do not know me in reality as the supreme deity, they fall i.e., return to life on earth. 

Krishna Says in 10th chapter: –

Neither gods nor the great sages know the secret of my birth (i.e. my manifestation in human life); for, I am the prime cause in all respects of gods as well as of the great seers. 

Among the purifiers, I am the wind; among wielders of arms, I am Sri-Ram. Among fishes, I am the shark; and among streams, I am the Ganges (i.e. a holy river). 

I am the all destroying Death that annihilates all, and the origin of all that are to be born. I am glory, prosperity, speech, memory, intelligence, fortitude and forbearance, respectively. 

Arjun, I am even that, which is the seed of all life. For there is no creature, moving or unmoving, which can exist without me. 

Every such being as is glorious, brilliant and powerful, know that to be a part manifestation of mu glory.

Lord Krishna Quotes
Lord Krishna Quotes

Lord Krishna says in 11th chapter: – 

Arjun, in this mortal world I cannot be seen in this form by anyone other than you, either through the study of the Vedas or by rituals, or, again through gifts, actions or austere penances. 

Arjuna, he who performs all his duties for my sake, depends on me, is devoted to me, has no attachment, and is free from malice towards all beings, reaches me. 

Lord Krishna Says in 12th Chapter: – 

Fix your mind on me, and establish your intellect in Me alone; therefore you will abide solely in Me. There is no doubt about it. 

If you cannot stedily fix the mind on me, Arjun, then seek to attain me through the yoga and practice. 

Lord Krishna Says in 13th Chapter: – 

Constancy in self-knowledge and seeing god as object of true knowledge-all this is declared as knowledge, and what is contrary to this is called ignorance. 

Lord Krishna says in 15th Chapter: – 

Neither the sun nor the moon nor fore can illumine that supreme self-effulgent state, attaining which they never return to this world; that is my supreme abode. 

Those scripts says the presence and Lord Krishna’s appearance. This is how we can realize the greatness of Lord Krishna. 

These are some example of Lord Krishna Quotes, which can change your life.

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