The most powerful God in Hinduism is Lord Shiva worshiped in a statue made by stone called Linga. Shiva is highly respected than the other deities. There are hundreds of thousands Shiva Temple and Shiva Linga in Nepal and India. Among them the Pashupatinath Temple is most treasured. The holy shrine is situated in Nepal. Hindu devotees pray with chants in the name of Shiva. “Om Namha Shivaya” is one of the most revered chants. 

Lord Shiv is reputed as a God of wisdom, yoga and meditation, prosperity, love, creation, moksha and things that are beyond our imagination. Shiv is everything and everything is shiva. Shiva is ‘that which is not’.  It is said that Shiva linga is only the final truth that the whole existence. Everything that was created will destroy or collapse it in to Shiv Linga. The whole universe came from nothingness and it will go into nothingness. There is no start and no end of the whole universe. We can find this meaning in Shiv Linga as well. 

In Sanskrit language the Lingam means a symbol or mark. There is no any art and designation in Linga staue. This is the reason why ‘Nirakar’ also called Lord Shiv means no certain shape and decoration. The artless Shiv Linga reminds of the Omnipotent, which is formless without any shape and size. Hindu devotees also believe the Linga is nature itself, which can create whole existence that is visible to the eyes. 

The union of two opposite power that is male and female affects creation. Here, the male means ‘Purusha’ and female is ‘Prakariti’. Prakriti refers to nature. Also the Linga consists three parts. The lower part represents Brahma-Pitha the God of creation, the middle one Vishnu-Pitha, the God of preservation and the uppermost is Shiv pith, the God of destruction. These all-together means Shiv Linga is all about the whole creation, operation and destruction.


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