If we believe in our self, that is how we can find Shiv within us. By chanting mantras and following some religious practices we cannot find consciousness.Lord Shiv is highly respected and devoted and a famous gods in Hinduism. It is believed that lord Shiv is the one who created the whole universe. One of the most popular stories is ‘Shiv Nirvanashaktam’. Mainly Shiv Nirvanashaktam describes about the presence of Lord Shiv and the ways to find him. 

We cannot find him physically or in any structure nor in any form. Shiv is beyond origin and death. Only the inner consciousness and blessings are the ways to find Shiv. Shiv’s presence is everywhere and within every individual. But no one can see or feel his presence without knowing the inner consciousness. 

Mano-Buddhy-Ahangkaara Cittaani NaahamNa
Ca Shrotra-Jihve Na Ca Ghraanna-Netre |
Na Ca Vyoma Bhuumir-Na Tejo Na Vaayuh
Cid-Aananda-Ruupah Shivo[a-A]ham Shivo[a-A]ham ||1||

In the first paragraph of Shiv Nirvanashaktam it describes that Shiv is not the mind, nor the intellect, ego or the memory. He is not present in any physical body. So, he doesn’t have any ears, skin, nose or eyes. Shiv himself is not in the space nor on earth, fire, water or in wind. But Shiv’s presence is in the form of super consciousness and in sheer bliss.

Na Ca Praanna-Samjnyo Na Vai 
Na Vaa Sapta-Dhaatuh Na Vaa | 
Na Vaak-Paanni-Paadam Na Copastha-Paayu 
Cid-Aananda-Ruupah Shivo[a-A]ham Shivo[a-A]ham ||2||

The second paragraph of Shiv Nirvanashaktam tells that Shiv is not breath, or the five elements, matter nor the five sheaths of consciousness. Similarly, Shiv is neither in speech, nor in hands or feet but he is in the form of super consciousness and in happiness.

Na Me Dvessa-Raagau Na Me Lobha-Mohau 
Mado Naiva Me Naiva Maatsarya-Bhaavah | 
Na Dharmo Na Ca-Artho Na Kaamo Na Mokssah 
Cid-Aananda-Ruupah Shivo[a-A]ham Shivo[a-A]ham ||3||

In the 3rd paragraph of Nirvanashaktam it tells that there is no like or dislike no greed or delusion for Lord Shiv. Also, he knows no pride or jealousy has any duty or desire of wealth, lust or liberation. But he is super consciousness and blessings.

Na Punnyam Na Paapam Na SaukhyamNa
Duhkham Na Mantro Na Tiirtham Na Vedaa Na Yajnyaah  
Aham Bhojanam Naiva Bhojyam Na Bhoktaa 
Cid-Aananda-Ruupah Shivo[a-A]ham Shivo[a-A]ham ||4||

The fourth paragraph of Nirvanashaktam describes that there is no virtue or vice, no pleasure nor any pain. He doesn’t require any matter, pilgrimage, any scriptures or ritual. And also, can’t be felt or experienced by anyone.

Na Mrtyur-Na Shangkaa Na Me Jaati-Bhedah 
Pitaa Naiva Me Naiva Maataa Na Janmah | 
Na Bandhurna Mitram Gurur-Na-Iva Shissyam 
Cid-Aananda-Ruupah Shivo[a-A]ham Shivo[a-A]ham ||5||

In the 5th paragraph of Nirvanashaktam it tells that Shiv is not afraid of death doesn’t have any caste or creed or any parents. This proves that he was never born and does not have any relative, friends or a teacher or a student.

Aham Nirvikalpo Niraakaara-Ruupo
Vibhu-Tvaacca Sarvatra Sarve[a-I]ndriyaannaam |
Na Caa-Sanggatam Naiva Muktirna Meyah
Cid-aananda-ruupah Shivo[a-A]ham Shivo[a-A]ham ||6||

The 6th paragraph of Nirvanashaktam describes that Shiv is devoid of duality, formless, exists everywhere and pervades all senses. Shiv is never attached nor free or captive. As, I have mentioned above if we believe in ourselves to find the inner consciousness then we can ultimately find Shiv. The inner consciousness is within us and that’s the exact way to find Shiv in us. So, in order to find ourselves is through the way of consciousness and Lord Shiv.


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