The word Namaste is a thank you to the world creator and around us. The Namaste is spiritual word to renowned the honor and grace of this divine world. Namaste is a spiritual and cultural part of Hinduism, especially in Nepal and India. However, the word Namaste is widely popular all over the world. The way of gesture of Namaste is different with places and countries. But it has certain principle to preform perfectly. Even we hear it after an encounter or meeting with a friend and relatives. It has supreme position while respect to other people. However, the word Namaste also denoted or equivalent to say “Hi” and “Hello”. If you are meeting with someone at a first time or end of meeting you can use the word Namaste.  

At a first time the word Namaste were originated from Yoga.  Thus it is better to say, the word Namaste is also the part of Yoga. This is how in a yogic way the meaning of Namaste is “the divine in me bows to the divine in you”. The gesture is seen as one bows forward with both hands together, holding both together closest to the heart and moving hands to the center facing. For the proper way of Namaste, the person should bring both hands together and center in front of the chest and eyes should be closed, and no objects should be placed in the hands while gesturing. 

Also there are two type of greeting in Namaste and Namaskar. The word Namaste literally denoted to greet individual and Namaskar denoted to greet in-group of people. Even though the meaning is same but different in situation. Also the word Namaste is used to seek forgiveness and it is part of polite to use when accepting wrongdoing.

When a person greets another with high devotion of god like “My salutation is to you and the god within you” then a spiritual emotion is created within him/her. During this time a kind of vibrations can creates to the revenging person. Also it helps to pass the positive energy to the receiving person through devotion. 


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