Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List

Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List
Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List

Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List

It is one of the important things to know that what packing list and item you must have while going to Everest Base Camp. It is also the important task of your trekking program. This packing list will be same for other trekking trails of Himalaya as well.

 As my previous experienced, I would like to request everyone to have proper trekking gears. I am a regular trekker in Everest  (Khubu) and confirmed that without having good item clothing and gears it seems impossible to do Everest Base Camp Trek. In the year 2016, I trekked for the first time. I found the trekking EBC is one my lifetime memorable achievement. And would like to suggest some important things which is most important for those who are planning to go.

The altitude, weather and the routes all together makes the trek little bit adventurous compare with other routes. So you must care about packing list.

Throughout the article I have tried to mention most important things. These recommendations are based on my past experience of trekking in the area as well as feedback from other professional guides. I believe this equipment offers the best performance as well as good value for money.

The equipment listed here can be rented or purchased in Kathamndu and Namche bazzar. However it is better to have your own purchased. Understand that you may run the risk of having sold cheaper or rented item. So, it is important to purchase good quality and reliable trekking gear and clothes.

Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List

Trekking Gear List

  1. Trekking bag with rain cover
  2. Head torch with spare batteries
  3. UV protection sunglasses
  4. Water Bottles
  5. Medical kit
  6. Dry foods and chocolate


  1. Deep treated high ankle trekking boots
  2. Pair of light weight slipper
  3. Minimum 3 pair woolen of socks


  1. Quick dry warm lower Track pants
  2. Full sleeves T-shirts, sweatshirts
  3. Thermal body warmer upper and lower
  4. Warm jacket closed at wrist and neck
  5. A pair of thick woolen socks
  6. Undergarments
  7. A full sleeves sweater
  8. Pair of waterproof warm gloves
  9. Woolen cap and hat
  10. Down jacket
  11. Waterproof jacket and trekking track


  1. Personal toiletries kit including a small towel, toilet paper, paper soap, toothbrush etc.
  2. Sun screen lotion small


  1. Camera
  2. Dry fruits, chocolates
  3. Solar kit, power bank
  4. GPS Track (Opitional)

For the successful EBC Trekking, every trekker should have good enough gears. Without having such packing list, we cannot imagine to make the Everest Base Camp successful. Hope this Everest Base Camp Trek packing list will be good enough for your trip in future.

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