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In the year 2019, 381 people were granted permits to climb mountain Everest, according to the government of Nepal. The guides of each climbing member can easily double the number of climbers on the mountain. Many of the climbers go to the Everest at the same time, because in a short period of time frame when weather conditions are best for summit target. The short period of summit period makes the queuing in the mountain’s “death zone” where there’s simply not enough oxygen for the body. And it is most challenging phase of the expedition. 

Normal Cost : Everest Climbing Cost

If we talk about the expedition cost of Everest climbing, it is varies with company and climbers. The minimum cost that charges from Nepali organizing company is started from $35,000. The government of Nepal charges $11,000 for climbing royalty. $5,000 to $7,000 goes to Sherpa guide. If you are hiring international maintain guide (IFMGA), the cost goes up to $15,000 to $20,000. And almost 1000 USD goes for the rope fixing and route opening cost. 

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Climbing gears are the most essential part of any climbing expedition. Especially for the Everest Expedition, climbers should have proper climbing equipment. For the full set of climbing gears, it takes minimum $4000 to $6000. Down suit, Summit boots, Down jacket, Gore text set, Harness, Trouser, Hat, Sun goggles, Crampons, Ice crew, figure of eight, rope, bags, Carabineers are needed for the Everest expedition. 

For the successful expedition, each climbing members should have at least six cylinders of oxygen and one pair of mask and regulator. For overall management including oxygen cylinder, mask and regulator it takes around $2500.

On the other hand,  cost goes for the all logistics management including Kathmandu hotel, flight, Insurance, Base Camp Service, high camp, porters and equipment services. We cannot imagine that how hard is to manage such luxurious base camp. For the base camp and high camp management, Local porters, yak and helicopter carry the equipment, which cost is always high.

Before going for Everest expedition, climbers should have previous climbing experiences. He or she must climb at least 6000m+ Mountain in Nepalese Himalaya. So, need to calculate the cost of training expedition too. Which may starts from $5000 to $20000 depends on mountain.

Everest Climbing Cost | Mount Everest View
Everest Climbing Cost | Mount Everest View

VIP Cost

Indeed, most of the people who climb Everest going through the management of commercial expedition operators normally charges between $30,000 and $45000. However this is an average cost. This cost includes a climbing Sherpa guide, government permit, porters, base camp management and all necessaries services. In some cases, some VIP people reportedly pay up to $100,000 or more depends on his demand. The VVIP people hires 2-3 Sherpa guides, luxury services at base camp, that makes the expedition cost more higher. VVIP climbers are paying up to $130,000 to climb Mount Everest with personal photographers. They also hire international mountain guide and best standard services at Base Camp.

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