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Kanchenjunga Trek

A nature-gifted venue, not to so popular among the traveling destinations is none other than; Kanchenjunga region with eastern part lies in Nepal along with the northern and southern base camps of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Also, recognized as the world’s third highest mountain is at the elevation of 8,586m height. very year a large numbers of mountaineers and climbers gear up to climb the Mt. Kanchenjunga.

The northern part is bordered by the Lhonak Chu, Goma Chu and Jongsang La whereas; in the east the Teesta River glorifies the entire region. The mountain rises about 20 km south of the general placement of the Great Himalayan range of 125 km (78mi) and the east-south-east of Mount Everest. Though, there are four climbing routes to reach the summit in which southwest, northwest and northeast is in Nepal and northeastern part lies in Sikkim. However, the northeastern route of Sikkim has been successfully used only thrice until now.

In the year 1997, in this region Kanchenjunga Conservation Area established in 1997 covering the area of 2,035 sq. km with the altitude range from 1200m to 8586m. Moreover, considered as one of the rewards of Mother Nature; this region is abundance in the habitats for many globally significant plant species such as Rhododendron and Orchids. Also, it is a home for many endangered animals such as Snow Leopard, Asian Black Bear, Red Panda, White-Bellied Musk Deer, Blood Pheasant and Chestnut-Breasted Partridge companions of the visitors for a while.

While walking through the luscious Rhododendron forest the views are one of the surreal pleasures of the entire trip. These disparities between jungles and glaciers with some of the world’s highest peak make the Region truly a justifiable place in Nepal. In the meantime, the trekking in the Region provides an excellent opportunity to observe the ethnic Nepali lifestyles. Due to the abundance of hilly villages the route leads to the higher valleys with the similar kind of lifestyles representing the other hilly regions of Nepal.

The tradition and culture may differ but the ways of living is almost similar throughout the hilly regions of the country. After the continual struggles once you reach there one is bound to have a dream like experience through the nature’s paramount beauty.

Kanchenjunga Trek

Kanchenjunga Trek | Trekking in Nepal 2020

Because of the remote location and the difficulty involved in accessing it from India, the region is not a choice for most of the trekkers. Apart from the locals climbers other tourists and trekkers do not visit this region more often. However, for the convenient of the adventure seekers government has added the Kanchenjunga trek, Kanchenjunga Circuit, Lumba Sumba Pass and the Goecha La trekking trails in which the Goecha La trek is gaining popularity amongst the tourists. Ultimately, the path escorts to the Goecha La Pass located right in front of the huge southeast face of Kanchenjunga. 

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