Climbing Everest may be the dream for every adventure lover. However, it is not an easy task. In general, 10 of 100 climbers are not successful in climbing summit of Everest. There are many things needs to prepare by very well to make climbing dreams of Everest Summit. One of the most essential things need to manage is climbing gear and equipment. Also, the climber mentally and physically prepared. Proper climbing gear plays vital role to make successful. However, basic climbing training and climbing experience needed before going Everest Expedition. Every year hundreds of thousand climbers from all over the worlds visit Nepal for climbing purpose. 

Here are short details of climbing gear list, which is essential for climbing Everest. However it can useful for other mountains as well.

A. Down Suit

 Down Suit is one of the most essential gears. It covers whole body from top to button.  The design of down suit is filled with Hydro Down, which is down that has been treated to repel moisture and keep drier and warmer. It apparently dries quicker, because it is made by waterproof fabric product.

B. Down Jacket

Down Jacket is one of the most essential climbing gears for any mountains in Himalaya. We can’t imagine of climbing expedition without Down Jacket. Down jack and down pant must carry. 

C. Climbing Boots

Climbing boots with crampon adjustable is most essential gear. There are many variety of climbing boots. Depends on mountain and climbing features the boots are also different. 

D. Ice Axe

An ice axe is a multi-purpose climbing tool used while ascent and descent in mountaineering. It is mostly used in different routes that involve frozen conditions and snow. Also it can be used in number of different ways, depending on the terrain encountered. 

E. Crampon

Crampon is a traction device, which is attached to climbing boot to improve mobility on snow and ice during ice climbing. Crampons are also used for secure travel on snow and ice, such as crossing glaciers, snowfields and ice fields. Both ascending snow slopes, and descending plays vital role on mountaineering.


F. Harness 

Harness plays vital role while ascending and descending. It can define as a pure supporter friend as well. It is made with multiple looped restraint or support field. There are different type of harness, used in the situation and nature of mountaineering. 

G. Tape Slings

Tape Slings is designed for attaching the climber to anchors, creating equalized anchor systems, and clipping into the rope and gear. 

H. Screw gate Carabiner

It is most essential gear while mountaineering. It is a metal loop with a spring-loaded gate used to quickly and reversibly connect components. It is most notably in safety-critical systems. There are two different type of Carabiner, Unlock and lock.

I. Descended /Eight figure

Descended is a device, which helps you while getting down from complete vertical way in mountains. It plays as a breaker and makes your descend safe. 

J. Helmet

Helmet protects your head. Helmet can be use for other purpose as well, but do not forget while climbing mountains. There is always possibility of snowfalls, ice falls and rock falls in climbing expeditions. So always carry a best Helmet.

K. Water Proof 

Water Proof jacket and trouser is essential to protect from rain, snowfalls and strong winds. 

L. Trekking & Climbing Bag

If your dreaming for climbing Everest, you may need one climbing bag and one for trekking bag. Trekking bag normally 70L and climbing 45L in Everest. 

M. Water Bottles

Water Bottle is important for any kind of trip. For the Everest you may need at least 2 bottles, one for hot water “Thermos” and another for juice and energy drinks. 

N. Buff or neck gaiter

Buff is a tube-like bandana. ‘Buff‘ is really a brand name, but now ‘buff’ has become synonymous with the term neck gaiter, neck warmer or headwear, a bit like how we say ‘Kleenex’ for tissue or ‘Googling’ for searching. It is most essential to protect your neck. 

O. Communication

Communications like satellite phone, GPS or Radio Set is most important. In some cases, these devices will provide by your expedition operating company.

For all these, MarmotRabThe North FaceScarpaLa Sportiva and Black Diamond are suggested to be best clothing and climbing gear producing company. These are international brand and popular in worldwide. 


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