Nepal: A perfect Travel Destination


Welcome to Himalayan Country Nepal

Nepal is a trekker’s paradise, combines Himalayan Views, majestic natural attractions, people’s cultures, divine monasteries and temples, charming hill village and jungle wildlife watching to offer one of the world’s best travel destinations.

Reaching to the Himalaya is the ultimate goal for both mountain and adventure lovers. For those who are seeking to view world’s crown majestic mountains, it is one and only best destination. Some of the Himalaya’s most popular trekking is on offer here, with most beaten trails to Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and Upper Mustang etc. All the trekking routes offer some of the common things, which is Dazzling Mountains, lush of green forest and people’s culture etc. However, there are more then 50 trekking popular trekking trails with own unique features. You can trek for incredible mountain scenery and mental refresh.

The most important traveller’s prefer to see is heritage sites, temples and monasteries. Being as a country of Buddha, the country offers lots of cultural attractions. Also, it is origin land of world’s ancient religion, Hindu Dharma. This is how, both Hinduism and Buddhism influence Nepali culture and society. Some of the country’s heritage sites are hundreds and thousands years old.

There are few countries in the world that are well set up for independent travel as Nepal. Nepal is well developed for shops, bakeries, well standard hotels, pizzerias and restaurants in every corner of Kathamandu and Pokhara. It’s easy to visit and to feel that you have somehow landed in a kind of backpacker Disneyland. And in the mountain region, there lies a quite different where traditional mountain life.  And the mountain region offers magnificent adventurous activities. You might amaze that how a small country Nepal fit everything in, which is one reason why many traveller return over and over again.

What to do in Nepal? The things that attract tourist

Nepal a perfect travel destination
  1. World’s popular trekking trips in Himalaya
    The country offers over 40 trekking trails offer magnificent trekking packages. Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Everest Base Camp Trek, Langtang Trekking and Upper Mustang are considered to be best trekking trips.
  2. Mountain climbing expeditions
    Nepal is home of world’s highest mountain including Everest and 400 more towering mountains. Eight of fourteen highest mountains over 8000m is also lies in Nepal.
  3. Cultures
    Within small territory, it lies more then 124 ethnic community and 100 more spoken languages. Which is remarkable part, and that makes cultural variety. Peoples celebrate many colorful and spiritual festivals that fall in every months. The different ethnic communities have their different and unique way of art of living and own traditions.
  4. Religious Sites
    Being as a origin land of Hinduism and Buddhism, the country has hundreds of thousands religious sites. Pashupatinath, Bauddhanath, Swyambhunath, Changunarayan, Muktinath, Janakapuretc are considered some of the main touristic religious areas.
  5. Gorgeous Valleys
    The Himalayan country is also known as country of gorgeous valley.
  6. Wildlife
    It is also the home of hundreds of thousands rare animals, flora and fauna. One horn Rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger, Snow Leopard, Musk Deer, Python and Himalayan Monal are some of the attracting wildlife. The country has 10 national park and conservation area which are home of many wildlife. Chitwan National Park, Sagaramatha National Park, Bardiya  National Park, Manaslu Conservation Area, Annapurna Conservation Area and Langtang National park are most beaten national parks of Nepal. Visiting such areas makes your more happy compare with other region.


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