To make Visit Nepal 2020 as a golden year in terms of tourism business, Nepal government is preparing to lunch some of the attractive offers. Recently Nepal government is preparing to make 33 unclimbed mountains in the country as royalty free mountains. Climbers from all over the world may attract with this golden opportunity. For the coming spring season, tourist can get this opportunity. 

Being as a country of Himalayas, there are hundreds of thousands mountain peaks. Only the One-third Mountains are explored and climbing, but more then 50% are still unknown and unbeaten in terms of exploration. So the department of tourism is lunching this project to attract more tourists to explore unclimbed and less explored mountains. Among them less then two dozen are highly beaten and climbed. So more promotion and marketing is needed to explore other peaks.  Also it may good opportunity to those who wants to be a first summiteers. 

The department of tourism will co-operate Nepal Mountaineering Association to list out 33 unclimbed mountains. And final preparation will be completed. So, the climbers can prepare for coming spring to get these services. According to the department of tourism, 414 mountain peaks are open for climbing purpose and issues the permit. But 85 mountains are still unclimbed and virgin. This is how government is planning to promote by making royalty free peaks. 

Most of the unclimbed mountains are situated in western part of Nepal. Because of fewer infrastructures in these regions may the main cause to be virgin region. This is how mountains are still unclimbed and unexplored. For those who are looking for less crowded and remote, this is suitable a options. The government and private sectors are hopping to welcome more climbers in coming season, and would help by making royalty free peaks. 


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