The trail with full of high passes, mountains and breathtaking views

        Great Himalayan Trail is known to be the longest and highest trekking path amongst all others trekking path in the world. The trail covers the total length of 1,800 km. The massive views of mountains above 8000 metres are seen through the trial heads from eastern to western part of Nepal. 

Great Himalayan Trail (GHT) presents the opportunity of a lifetime memorable thrilling and wonderful views of majestic mountains. The trail passes through most remote communities, green valleys, and the top naturally diversity, high plateaus and incredible landscapes in the Himalayas. 

      The Great Himalayan Trail takes you to the most remote areas in the world, where the trekkers have to follow camping style. Comparing with other trekking route, it is mixed with thrill and adventure where the trekkers may fall in love with nature.

Nepal is home land of Hinduism, Buddhism, Bon and Kirat religions. These religions were originated from Nepal and flourished into all over the world. The culture and festival of different ethnic group and religion is rich and unique. 

People are strong devotee in spiritual values. There is hundreds more beautiful festival which are following centuries back. Majestic Buddhist Gompa, Stupas and Hindu Temple can be seen on the way. 

As a trekking agent we would suggest you to take part in this trial after having some basic knowledge on trekking, gears and gadgets. There will be the international professional guide for you. 

Furthermore, you can bring some chocolates, umbrella, water bottles for the journey. Bringing the camera will be the best option to you in this trip. You will see the massive views of mountains and natural scenery, different kinds of animals and birds with your naked eyes. By capturing those memorable moments will make the perfect history in future.  

High Passes of Great Himalayan Trail

➢ Nango La Pass (Kanchenjunga) -4700m

➢ Lumba Sumba Pass (Kanchenjunga-Makalu Barun)-5130m

➢ Sherpani Col Pass (Makalu Barun)-6135m

➢ West Col (Makalu Barun) -5250m

➢ Amphu Laptcha Pass (Makalau Barun-Everst Region) -5845m

➢ Chola Pass (Everest Region) -5330m

➢ Renjo La Pass (Everest Region) -5334m

➢ Tashi Labsta Pass (Everest Region) -5755m

➢ Tilman Pass (Langtang-Helambu) -5430m

➢ Larke Pass (Manaslu Region) -5130m

➢ Throng La Pass (Annapurna Region) -5416m

➢ Jungben La Pass (Dolpa Region) -5550m

➢ Ningma Zanchhen (Dolpa Region) -5410m

➢ Yala La (Dolpa Region) -5400m

Main Features of the Trail

➢ Beautiful panoramic view of world’s crown mountains

➢ Close live to nature 

➢ Thrilling and adventures trekking trails

➢ Breath taking high passes 

➢ Experiences with beautiful Himalayan people 

➢ Experiences with Himalayan culture and values 

➢ Explore old Buddhist Monasteries and Temples 

➢ Explore rear Himalayan animals

Best Season 

It takes at least 150 to 160 days depending upon walking speed and rest day during trekking period. To conquer whole route in a continuous trek, March-April to June-July is best season.  It would be more adventures way. 

Also the trekkers can complete this trail in three parts like first in spring (Kanchenjunga-Everest), second autumn (Manaslu to Annapurna) and third in summer (Dolpa). 


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