Visit Nepal 2020

Nepal is a very special trekking destination. There are trails for all sorts of experience, from easy walks to adventurous and extreme treks. Nepal’s is home of 200 mountain peaks above 6000m, which carries immense potential of high altitude activities including peak climbing, skiing and many others. Trek through the lush of green forest, rich in flora and fauna, glaciers and people’s village with exploring Himalayan cultures is the remarkable part of trekking in here.

Exploring the vistas of dazzling mountains, majestic waterfalls, breathtaking river and scented forest all together make anyone awe-inspiring, while trekking to Himalayan country. In a small geographical location, the country holds many hundreds of highest mountain, elevated hills for viewpoint, and the green forest which is home of many rare animals is really an astounding creation of nature.  Those who wish to repair their body by making some kind of physical exercise and natural relaxation; is perfect place to do it.

Not only the mountains and forest, there are many other enticing parts to explore. Each and every corner of these small nations has naturally decorated. From the 56m of lowest altitude to the world’s crown 8848 makes different bio-diversity in every hundred-miter altitude.  

It is a place of unique nature which is not other. The cultural variety of Hinduism and Buddhism are also the main attracting part for the other world. Colorful festivals fall in every month. The traditional foods, unique cultural values, typical lifestyle, and foods are the common things that you can explore in each different place.


Also, the people are strong devoted of the spiritual values. And they pay high respect to the guest “Guest are treated as a god”, which is the motto of Nepal. In addition, do not forget to visit heritage sites, Buddhist and Hindu temples. It is all year tourist destinations.

The Nepal Government is hosting “Visit Nepal 2020” Campaign to promote it’s travel destinations.

The paradise city Pokhara

Nepal Tourism Board


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