Reaching to the summit of  the world’s crown is prestige for someone and compulsion for someone.”others”

Climb Mount Everest.

According to the Himalayan Database, more than 300 climbers have died on Everest to date. Because of its famously harsh conditions, an estimated 150 of those dead bodies remain on the mountain. Some of the dead bodies have been removed from the mountains by the Everest cleaning campaign run by the Nepalese Government in 2019. 

Reaching to the summit of the world’s highest mountain has long been an object of fascination for both explorers and adventurous people alike, but it is not easy to achieve this success. Each year at least 4-10 climbers have lost been loosing their lives in the lap of Everest.  11 climbers have lost their lives in the year 2019. And at least 17 climbers were dead by the devastating avalanche in 2015.

All mountaineers know the hardest parts of a climbing expedition, and the death rate, but why do people keep climbing Mount Everest? 
In 1924, George Mallory was asked by the New York Times, Why are you attempting Everest? “ Because it’s there,” – Mallory replied, Later he dead in died on Everest.For the curious people, reaching to the summit of the world’s crown would could be a research-based project but why are others is taking such a big risk in with their life lives?  If we ask to Sherpa who are also known as a legendary mountain guides especially in the Himalayas, what would be their answer?  

The climbing business in Nepal is one of the largest economic sectors for the Himalayan people, and this business is directly linked with Sherpa. So the answer of any Sherpa would be the same, i.e. struggle for survival. Working as a porter or guide is not the passion of any Sherpa, but there is no other option to make money. This is how Sherpa people are (risking their lives) taking risk in their life. It may not true for all Sherpa but definitely most of the Sherpa would respond in a similar way / similarly / have a similar response / answer..  will answer the same.

Climb Mount Everest

For the others climbers from all over the world it can be for the status and prestige. To get such extraordinary prestige and to be a motivational person, they are taking risking their lives. This is how the Nepalese government issues at least 250-300 climbing permits each year for Everest and other 8000m+  highest mountains.

If we talk about such motivational persons, When talking about such motivated individuals / people there are hundreds of thousands to date. But in fact, there is a hardest story the sherpa story of hardship of Sherpas behind the scenes, to make a person internationally famous. Without whom no climber would succeed / who make the summit attempts possible / that are the reason a climber gets their summit… etc

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In the current time, currently if when someone successfully reaches to the summits of Mount Everest, they can gain a lot of publicity from doing so.  then he will renown as a famous person.So, from the all over the world, peoples have a craze to climb mount Everest. Globally, people are obsessed with conquering everest, a The craze will continue in the coming years.

Kami Rita reached to the summit of Everest for the 24th times.in spring of 2019. But not to be an internationally famous person because Kami Rita had no option for survives. After the climbing carrier when Sherpa people complete their 40-45 ages, there is no secure in their life. No retirement bonuses or incentives of any kind and other.  This is how why the Sherpa people have compulsion to work as a mountain guides. 

Climb Mount Everest

Amazing Sherpa Mountaineer

Climb Mount Everest


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