Amazing Sherpa mountaineers with unbelievable word records


Amazing Sherpa Mountaineers of all time. Those who registered their name in unbelievable work.

List of Amazing Sherpas of all time

A. Tenzing Norgay Sherpa

(One of the amazing Sherpa of Nepal)

The worlds know the two words Everest and Sherpa. The title was made after the successful attempt to reach the summit of Everest by a Nepalese Sherpa at a first time. Tenzing Norgay made this history with a legendary mountaineer Sir. Edmund Hillary on 29 May 1953. After this successful Everest Expedition the tourism business of Nepal has started at a small glance. 

B. Kami Rita Sherpa 

Amazing Sherpa Kami Rita
Amazing Sherpa Kami Rita

Kami Rita Sherpa Born in 1970 in a Sherpa community of very famous Thame village, Everest Region. The Name Kami Sherpa is now worldwide renown by reaching the summit of Everest 22nd times. Kami Rita achieved the record for most ascents to the summit of Mount Everest after reaching it on May 2019 at the age of 49. He holds the record of the most summits, 24 times on Mount Everest. 

C. Apa Sherpa 

Lhakpa Tenzing Sherpa also known as Apa Sherpa born in 1960 in Thami village of Everest Region, a Nepali mountaineering guide who set a record for most ascents of world’s crown Everest 21 times. His record later takes over by Kami Rita Sherpa in 2018. 

D. Nirmal Purja 

He is one of the biggest amazing sherpa Mountaineer of Nepal. Until October 2019, the fastest-known time for climbing all 14 peaks mountains was eight years. But Nirmal brake this record within 7 month (6 month and 6 days). On this brave achievement, he sets world record. And no-one will brake this in future too. He is rally a super human. When Nirmal began to start his project with title “Project Possible 14/7” no-one trust and believe him and nobody took him seriously. But now it came to success with big message whole world. 

Normal Purja was a British Army, he resignation his job and involved in mountaineering.

E. Babu Chiri Sherpa

Babu Chiri Sherpa is an only one Sherpa mountaineer who spends 21 hr on summit of Everest without auxiliary oxygen.  It’s an incredible achieve on Everest History, which still stands. Also he made the history of ascending Everest in 16 hr and 56 minutes although this record has already braked by Pemba Dorje Sherpa. He summit Everest 10 times during his climbing carrier. Besides the mountaineering, Babu Chirri was an environmentalist and a humanitarian.

He worked to have a school built in his home village, and was build later. The then Royal Government of Nepal, as represented by the Crown Prince, inaugurated the Babu Chiri Memorial Museum and erected a statue of Babu Chiri at Kathmandu. 

F. First coupled married on Everest

Pemba Dorje Sherpa and Moni Mulapati is a first couple to marry at world’s highest peak, Everest. They got married on the top of Everest on 30th May 2005 at 10:45 am. They were representing the Rotary International. Also, the Moni was first ladies to be climbed Everest from Newari community of Nepal. This marriage also promotes the cross marriage and ethnical harmony to Nepalese people. 

G. Mingma David Sherpa 

One of the brave and highly renowned Sherpa in Nepalese mountaineering sector is Mingma David Sherpa. He has been involved in several long line rescues. Mingma holds the highest long line rescue ever in the mountaineering history of the world. Mingma saves many lives from the death. Mingma was a Sherpa Leader in Everest Air movie based on mountaineering rescue directed by Anthony Gorden; during this filming project Mingma rescued 52 lives within 2 month. As an example, Mingma rescued Mss. Chetana, an Indian climber from camp 4 of Everest in 2015.

During the climbing carrier Mingma has successfully climbed most of the high mountains like Everest 6 times, K2 2 times, Dhaulagari 1, Cho Yue 1, Manaslu 2. Also, the Mingma Sherpa is only one mountaineering guide, who summited Mt.Amadablam within 6 days with climbing member and Manaslu in 7 days including few days trek up to base camp. 

Recently, the Union of Asian Alpine Association honored Mingma with one of the Piolets d’Or Asia Awards for his commitment to technical face climbing and positive environmental stewardship in the mountains. In 2019 Minima set the new world record in speed climbing by successfully scaling Mt Everest and K2 in just 61 days, according to the Guinness World Records. And he is a youngest person to climb all 14 peaks. 

H.Ngima Nuru Sherpa

A 37-year old Ngima Nuru Sherpa is a youngest mountaineer in the world to be scale the world’s highest mountain for the 21st time. Born and raised in Sherpa Capital Namche Bazar, Ngima started his mountaineering carrier since the school age as a trekking porter. Ngima Nuru is a Young but amazing sherpa

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