Mount Everest is a pride of Nepal and it is one of the most popular dreamlands of every adventure lover from all over the world. Each year hundreds of thousands tourist visit Nepal to experience Everest and dazzling mountains. The word Everest is popularly known worldwide however there are other different names as well. 


Chomolongma is a Tibetan/Sherpa word, to represent world’s highest peak. The Tibetan Buddhist people greet this mountain as a holy mother. The people worship the mountains during the occasion of their every festival. As we know, the Sherpa climbers worship mountain before to climb. 


Sagarmatha is a Nepali Name, given by a Nepalese Historian Baburam Acharya. The word “Sagar” means sky and “Matha” means top. The people of Nepal believe the mountain is home of their deities. So, the people have strong devotion towards the mountains/Himalayas. Also the some of mountain of Nepal are holy, which are still forbidden to climb. Obviously, the Sagarmatha is a highly respected and holy mountain of Nepalese people. 


The word Naubandhan is a Sanskrit word, which is, combined form of “Nau” and “Bandhan” where Nau means nine and Bandhan means join or chuli (Peaks). Naubandhan is mentioned in very popular Hindu spiritual script “Mahabharat”. 


At a first time a Swiss author G.O. Dyhrefurth used this term in his book. As we know the North Pole and South Pole are extremely challenged to live there as well to reach there. The similar kind of environment we can find in Everest. This is how he used this term to introduce world’s crown Everest.


An Indian mathematician/Author, Mr.Radhnath Sikandas, who was the part of measuring the height of Everest in 1865, given the name “Peak XV” to world’s crown. The height of Everest (8848m) was confirmed after 15 times measuring experiment. This is the reason how Sikandas used this term to Everest. Still the name “Peak XV” is quite popular in India and rest of the world. 


Deudhunga is a local name of Everest in Nepal. Especially the Sherpa people used this word. The word Deudhunga is made by two words “Deu” Means God and “Dhunga” means Stone or statue. 


The word Everest is popular worldwide. There are different name of Everest but the most of the people knows Everest. At a first time the word “Everest” was used by British People to honor Jorge Everest, who was a first survivor to measure the height of Everest. His contribution on measuring the height and survivor is treated by high respect. 


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