Popular highest mountain peaks of Europe


Popular Highest mountain peaks of Europe

When we think about climbing Mountains in Europe, what’s the first thing comes to our mind? Mount Blance, Matterhorn, Elbrus, Monte Rosa or Ushaba? So, far the adventure travelers, who isn’t afraid of the climbing trip, we have listed some highest peaks in Europe. These peaks are the main attracting points of Europe from all over the world. And mostly the peaks are popular for adventure lover and travel enthusiast. 

1. Mount Elbrus, Russia -5642m

Elbrus is the highest peak of Europe, situated in the Caucasus range of Russia. And also it is making one of the world’s “Seven Summits.” The mount itself is tenth most prominent in the world with stunning figure of 5642m. Mount Elbrus consists two main peaks, both dormant volcanoes, stretching to the west and east. 

Despite being as the highest peak of Europe, it is always been an adventure hub. It has been fairly well carved out for travelers, making it an easier summit than many of the other giants on our list. It takes normally eight hours to reach the summit using by chairlift. However, there is route to climb ascent on foot. 

2. Mount Dykh-Tau – 5,205m

It is Europe second highest mountain, situated in Russia. The name Dyakh is deriving from Turkic word, meaning Jagged Mount. It is also raises in Caucasus Mountain Range. It is also listed in Seven Second Summits. Technically it is more challenging compare with Elbruss and other highest peak of Europe. It usually takes 10 days to complete the climbing expedition.

3. Mount Shkhara -5200m

It is situated in Georgia. It is another technically challenging mountain situated within the Caucasus Mountain Range. Making the highest peak of Georgia, almost 12km long vertical ridgeline that creates a mecca for professional mountaineers from around the world. It was first climbed in 1888 via North East Ridge by British and Swiss expedition team. 

4. Mount Koshtan-Tau, Russia -5151m

Mount Koshtan-Tau is also located in Caucasus range. Though technically it is considered as a challenging peak. There are several separate peaks on the mountains. It is standing as a border between Russia and Georgia. And there is snow year-round, because it is located in the Northern hemisphere. The summit of Koshtan-Tau offers particularly scenic vistas all the time. Being as a adventurous route, it has been always a remarkable place in Russia. 

5. Mount Kazbek, Georgia -5047m

It is third highest peak of Georgia with height of 5047m. It is also known as Stepantsminda, which is dormant subclass of volcano. And it is situated in Caucasus mountain range. In the local tongues “Molten Mount” known it. Mount Kazbek is considered as the crown Jewel of the Kazbegi National Park. The national park itself an attracting places. However, the unpredictable weather may disturb you, so you need to be careful and prepared. 

6. Mount Tetnuldi, Georgia -4853m

It is another snow-tipped Georgian mountain situated in Caucasus Mountain Range. From the summit of Tetnuldi, the absolute stunning views of its neighbors, including Elbrus and other peaks can be seen clearly. The year round powder snow makes it and appropriate home to many ski resorts. It is best accessible touristic destination. However, once hitting base camp, camping is the only option for those wishing to summit. The climbing Tetnuldi is considerably more difficult than other mountains of Caucasus range. 

7. Mont Blanc, Italy-France -4810m

Highest Mountain Peaks of Europe | Mont Blanc
Highest Mountain Peaks of Europe | Mont Blanc

One of the beaten climbing peaks of the Europe is Mont Blanc. Every year, hundreds of thousands tourist from all over the world travel Mount Blanc, Chamonix for multiple adventure tour including, climbing, skiing, snowboarding and hiking. It is considered as the second most famous mountain in the Alps, right after the Matterhorn. Mont Blanc is hub of adventure activities. Winter sports lovers will be impressed by the skiing and snowboarding and other activities. 

8. Mount Ushba, Georgia -4690m

Mount Ushba is located in the Svneti region of Georgia standing between Russia and Georgia. It is often called the Matterhorn of the Caucasus Mountains because of its truly awe-inspiring nature. However climbing to Ushba is considered as a hardest climb in the Caucasus Mountain Range. Mount Ushba is also called “The Queen of the Caucasus”. 

9. Monte Rosa, Switzerland -4634m

Monte Rosa is considered the highest peak in Switzerland and second highest of the Alps. Making it a respectably daring choice for any mountain aspiring climbers from all over the world. It is snowy year-round and therefore popular tourist destinations for snowboarding, skiing, mountaineering and hiking. It takes 10 days to complete the trek. 

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