For most of the adventure lover, climbing Mount Everest is the ultimate dream. But for the two mountaineers of Nepal, it was only the beginning of their epic voyage. What they have done together after reaching to the world’s crown is unbelievable. That was never happen before in Everest history. It was beyond of human capacity. Only such few brave people can do this. Reaching to the ocean from the summit of world’s crown in a same expedition is really unbelievable, which was done by Babu Sunuwar and Lakpa Sherpa together in 2011. 

Babu and Lakpa set their sights on paragliding from Everest’s summit and then taking a near 500-mile kayaking trip on the Ganges River to the Indian Ocean. It was an excursion that would take months. They tackled some of the most dangerous terrain and breathtaking rivers in the world.  They done this all without any sponsors and without any official permits.

However, four people have already glided off the top of Everest but the story of Babu and Lakpa is just as remarkable as their journey. 

An Everest climbing expedition normally could cost climbers usually 35000 USD to cover all. It includes Shrpa Guide, Permits, logistics, oxygen everything. But for the Nepali citizen it may little cheap. Which may cost around 25,000. 

But the Babu did not have anything including permits, base camp management and high camps and all. Even he had no climbing experiences, and not any trainings too. He set this record only with his great devotion and passion. However, Lakpa is well experienced in mountaineering. 

Babu found perfect partners for this plan, Lakpa Tshring Sherpa. Lakpa was well trained and experienced. At the same time while planning this project, Lakpa was Veteran mountaineer and happily accept Babu’s plan to conquer Everest. But the interesting fact is Lakpa had never kayaked before and did not know how to swim. 

The agreement was Lakpa would take Babu up Everest, and Babu would take Lakpa to the ocean. Lakpa knew everybody (Sherpas) on Everest, they were able to kind of go in and take the cook’s camps. This is how they manage their kitchen at Base camp and high camps. 

Once they reached to the summit 21 May, after 5 days ascent, they were in short supply of oxygen. At that point, turning back with bottle of oxygen was not an option. The only way to get back was the paraglider. 

In just 42 minutes, they glided 15 miles to Namche, which would have been an almost two days hike away by foot. After that they had to cross Sun Koshi River, Life jacket let Sherpa float down the river to safety. Their journey continued till they reach to the Ganges River.

After jumping from the world’s crown Everest, they finally ran out and became the first people ever to complete the descent from Everest’s summit to the Indian Ocean (27 June). 

Finally they were awarded People’s choice Adventures of the year 2012. And they won the 2012 National Geographic Adventures of the Year award. 

In conclusion, what we can decide is if the two good friends work together, the unbelievable things come true easily.


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